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As part of our continued efforts to uphold the best-in-class industry standards, Omnicom Media Group UK is delighted to be one of the first companies to be certified for IAB Gold Standard 2.1 and we encourage other companies to continue supporting these initiatives.

As an organisation, Omnicom Media Group UK support the great work that the IAB UK do to help drive and improve industry standards.

IAB Gold Standard 2.1

The Gold Standard initiative is an important framework to define a more robust digital ecosystem, giving clients, publishers, technologies, and buyers increased reassurance and certainty throughout the digital media buying process. The Gold Standard 2.1 builds on existing work from the IAB and adds an increased focus on supply chain transparency and measurement capabilities across emerging digital media such as audio, connected television and in-game advertising.

Our continued partnership with the IAB remains a key foundation on which Omnicom Media Group UK’s digital standards are built upon and how we can deliver market leading solutions for our clients.

Aims of the Gold Standard

  • To reduce ad fraud by implementing and supporting frameworks to identify authorised routes to inventory
  • Uphold brand safety through buying and operational processes as proven with accreditation via The Trustworthy Accountability Group
  • Improve advertising experiences for audiences by adhering to the Coalition for Better Ads standards
  • Comply with consent and ePrivacy laws by supporting adoption of industry frameworks
  • Strengthen supply chain transparency through support and implementation of frameworks to identify and verify supply


Omnicom Media Group UK supports the IAB initiatives for RTB Supply Chain Transparency

Omnicom Media Group UK supports the IAB initiatives ads.txt 1.1, and inclusion of ‘owner domain’ and ‘manager domain’ parameters for increased inventory transparency on who owns a specific web domain. Where these files are present, Omnicom Media Group UK requires that only publisher inventory from authorised sellers is purchased. In the absence of these files Omnicom Media Group UK are actively working with publishers to implement these on their sites to ensure they support and adhere to the Gold Standard initiative.

Omnicom Media Group UK are supporters of Buyers.json and Demand Chain Object and are working with technology partners to implement these IAB initiatives throughout the supply chain.

Omnicom Media Group UK supports the Open Measurement SDK

Omnicom Media Group UK supports the IAB standard Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK), that enables third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to web video and app environments. As a result, we work with content verification and measurement vendors who are actively involved with supporting this initiative to enhance measurement within emerging digital media.

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