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We are delighted to announce that OMG UK has joined The Conscious Advertising Network (CAN). Ethics in the digital space has been a focus point for OMG UK for many years, with an active Data Ethics Board in place to ensure privacy and ethics always remain at the forefront when planning our clients’ campaigns.

CAN’s mission is to stop advertising abuse, by highlighting the conscious choices advertisers and agencies can make to ensure good practice. Across all sectors of the advertising industry, modern technology has advanced so quickly that ethics haven’t been able to keep up. CAN want to change that. Now more than ever, brands, agencies and adtech are perfectly placed to consciously change both the way they operate and the content they produce, resulting in communication that is better for all.

“Because digital advertising is such a fast-moving area, regulation will always struggle to keep pace with what’s happening on the ground, and so, as an industry, it is imperative that we hold ourselves to account, and think not just about what we can do, but also what we should do when it comes to the data we use and the content we support with our advertising.

Incorporating ethical considerations have been a part of OMG’s approach since we established our first Ethics Board back in 2018. Being a part of CAN gives us the opportunity to explore and debate these important issues at a wider industry level.”

Katie Eyton, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, OMG UK

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