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In 2021 Meta introduced a number of advanced technical training modules for their industry Meta Certification program. OMG UK’s Digital engineering team wanted to ensure they stayed at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry so they set themselves the ambitious challenge of achieving Meta Certification across all three technical levels for the entire team.

Being a leading agency partner to clients has grown beyond simple activation – and OMG UK’s Digital Engineering team are responsible for creating cutting edge products and innovations that drive true business change.

Brands that get technology right will drive growth, others will get left behind. To ensure the OMG team stay at the forefront of technology, in 2021 they achieved the ambitious goal of having their whole Digital Engineering team Meta certified across all three technical levels; Marketing Developer, Advance Marketing Developer and Advertising API Developer.

Meta Certification provides OMG UK with an advanced skill set to deliver solutions that take full advantage of Meta’s ecosystem and deliver best-in-class, more holistic, end-to-end technical solutions to clients that ultimately drive business growth.

Following the certification, OMG UK’s Digital engineering team has delivered several new products to market with many more due this year:

· Global roll-out of an advanced automation tool that ensures campaigns have been set-up accurately and in line with platform best practice. This frees up time for the account teams to focus on strategic planning and optimisation, while delivering better outcomes for clients.

· Development of a performance planning tool that runs thousands of campaign scenarios prior to go-live. This tool saves the team weeks of time and improves the planning product for OMG’s clients.

· Expanded consulting services for clients across the more complex Meta technical subjects including advanced API solution (including CAPI deployment), Audience Modeling and Dynamic Targeting Solutions. The client benefits have been the connecting of business data to market outputs – seen in examples such as the multiple industry award-winning appointment feed for Specsavers, which dynamically controls Facebook targeting based on 1st party appointment capacity data.

· Creation and roll-out of multiple tools in 2022 that support the growth and analysis of social commerce.

These technical and consultancy services have helped expand OMG UK’s relationships with their clients, enabling deeper insights and ultimately driving greater business results for their clients.

Sean Betts, Chief Product & Technology Officer, OMG UK: “We are absolutely committed to providing unique opportunities for growth to our clients. Technology is ever-changing and advancements are complex and fast. Standing still isn’t an option and to drive innovation, you need a team that constantly want to learn, to ask questions about what they are doing and how they are doing it. That’s this team. We’ve been hiring talent with a vast array of experience, that is not ‘typically’ seen in media but in start-ups. The drive and motivation of the team and the advancements they’ve made are phenomenal.”

Daniel Handley, Digital Engineering – Social Lead, OMG UK: “Meta Certification isn’t the end but the start. The certifications provide the core knowledge and tools, but the Meta documentation is 1000’s of pages filled with opportunity. It’s up to us to use these to build products and services that make us stand apart. Using the buying platform UI alone won’t do that.”

Haja Devshi, Managing Partner, Digital Engineering, OMG UK: “We’re proud of what we’ve built and we’re going to continue to keep learning. Seeing the success of Meta Certification within my team has also made me want to help others develop. Digital skills are in short supply, technical even more so and we will encourage our teams to keep improving their skills across Meta’s technologies so we can drive even more innovation in the market.”

Nick Baughan, Director of Agencies, UK&I, Meta: “We’re proud to work with the OMG UK Digital engineering team and celebrate this great achievement. Our goal through Meta Certification is to help advertisers and marketers stand out from the pack and become experts in how to use our platforms. We look forward to continuing our work with OMG UK helping to grow their clients’ brands across Meta’s family of apps.

Learn more about the Meta Certification here.


Article originally published in The Drum here.

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