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PHD BrainScape 2017 explores the future collaboration between man and machine

By November 1, 2017August 22nd, 2019MENA


The conference discussed how companies must adapt to thrive in the third computer age

More than 350 marketing and media professionals attended PHD‘s eighth BrainScape conference. Based on the network’s latest book “Merge: The closing gap between technology and us”, the program explored a future where man and machine are collaborating, rather than competing, with each other. All the speakers shared a common view that this technological boom is not to be feared but embraced.

This collaboration will take many forms, including across departments within companies and between the public and private sectors. It will require companies to‘imbue’ the right transformational culture, according to Dave Coplin, founder of The Envisioners.  Dr. Noah RafordCOO of the Dubai Future Foundation, explained how in Dubai the public sector was collaborating with the private sector to prototype transformative technologies and create markets around successful ones.

‘Intelligent’ machines that learn from observation and analysis will improve our capabilities through greater automation of cognitive processes. “Not only will we interact with AI-powered devices conversationally, they will become more and more a part of us, as implants in our bodies,” PHD‘s Elda Choucair explained.

Unlockd’s Jonathan (JC) Oliver and Choucair both envisaged how brands will exist in this context, highlighting the emergence of mixed reality and intelligent data layers. With technology evolving to the point where physical interfaces will disappear, brands will ultimately create experiences or immersive interactions that will make consumers think, feel and do.


You can read more about the topics discussed here or on Twitter, using the #PHDBscape hashtag.

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