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OMG MENA Roundups: 2018 Environmental Awareness Week

By February 12, 2018August 21st, 2019MENA


“The biggest danger to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan

At Omnicom Media Group MENA, we’re committed to the environment. Our third annual ‘Environmental Awareness Week’, focused on many of the major issues that are impacting us today and what we can do to help. From the Cape Town water crisis to the garbage emergency in Bali, we discussed how every person can make an impact. Read the full roundup of the week and the various CSR initiatives that we’ve signed up for in 2018.

“Give a Ghaf” Tree Planting Programme

Our Environmental activities kicked off on 27th January, where OMGers, along with their kids, spouses, siblings, and pets, gathered together for Goumbook’s ‘Give a Ghaf’ programme, planting over 637 ghaf trees!

During the planting process, we were able to learn more about the UAE’s national tree. For example, did you know that this drought-tolerant, evergreen tree is native to the desert? Even though they are pretty resilient, surviving the harsh climate and requiring little water, they are also difficult to harvest, as only one in 5,000 seeds take root. However, the seeds that do flourish can grow as deep as 35m to secure its water needs. For more information about these great survivors of the desert, visit the ‘Give a Ghaf’ website.


Surge for Water Lunch & Learn: Did you know that there is a hidden water usage of 10,500 liters in a pair of jeans?

Nearly 663 million people lack improved drinking water access and 2.4 billion lack improved sanitation services. Due to population growth and the changing climate’s impact on water availability, by 2025 two-thirds of the world could live in areas of water stress. While some communities struggle for clean water, the UAE consumes three times the global average per capita. On Monday, January 29th, Linda Merieau from came to talk to us about our water footprint and the hidden uses of water.

Here at OMG, we’re committed to making small changes that have a lasting impact, so in 2018, we will be installing dishwashers to help cut our water consumption. We will also give the gift of clean water to communities abroad, where two of our biggest nationalities are from; India and the Philippines. In March, a group of OMGers will be traveling to these countries to help build water towers and educate them about the importance of clean water and hygiene in preventing diseases. Below is the video from last year’s CSR trip.


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