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A viewpoint by Elda Choucair, CEO PHD MENA

Understanding what lies ahead has always caused anxiety, we all want to have some control over what’s coming. We don’t want to be victims of the future, we want to help shape it.

Elda Choucair, PHD MENA‘s CEO participated in the AdPulse inaugural conference, during the ArabNet Forum in Beirut February 22nd. The panel talk entitled “The Agency of the Future” was moderated by Omar Christidis, Founder and CEO of Arabnet. She then wrote a piece for ArabAd, in which she gathered and expanded the topics touched during the panel.

She addresses the transformative power of technology over the media and advertising industry, highlighting disintermediation, or the bypassing of intermediaries that is changing businesses everywhere. Then covers new and unexpected competition as consultancies try to get a sit on the table by acquiring independent agencies to add creative services to their offerings. How businesses face change determines if they flourish or perish.

Elda explains that “it’s no surprise therefore that such rapid changes lead to identity issues and questions over our role and purpose. One thing has remained constant though and that is creating value for our clients. If in the past, it was in terms of media management, ensuring the optimal use of budgets to achieve brand goals with planning and buying services, today, it’s about meeting tangible business goals, driving traffic to various touchpoints and maximising conversions. The link between advertising communications and sales is stronger than it’s ever been.”

Read the full article for more about PHD MENA CEO’s point of view and forecast of the media industry landscape in the region:


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