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OMG’s Latest Commerce Tool: The Supply Chain IQ Score

By May 16, 2022May 17th, 2022Global News

This story was originally published in MediaPost. 

Omnicom Media Group has launched what it’s calling the Supply Chain IQ Score, the industry’s first supply-chain based media activation tool, in partnership with Crisp, an open retail data platform.

It’s no secret that the supply chain crisis is not fading away as the pandemic subsides. With inventory challenges becoming the new normal, marketers need the ability to quickly adjust their media spend to product availability without negatively impacting performance.

Crisp collects data from more than 80% of the major U.S.  retailers and distributors including Target, Amazon, UNFI and CVS and feeds it into the Omni demand-side data operating system that supports all Omnicom agencies.

The new tool gives media planners day-to-day visibility into inventory data at the physical store, digital shelf, and inventory-in-transit levels, enabling media investment to be shifted away from low inventory products in real time. Working within Omni, a planning team can determine how much spend needs to be redeployed to meet performance targets and execute a new buy.

“The Supply Chain IQ Score gives brands the power to quickly, strategically and effectively move media investment at the speed of sales,” says Marc Rossen, senior vice president, investment and activation analytics for OMG North America.  “It flips the historic response to supply chain disruption from ‘pull the spend back’ to ‘push the spend toward.’”  By doing so, media ROI is elevated as clients better meet performance goals despite supply constraints, Rossen asserts.

Crisp founder and CEO Are Traashdahl stated, “You can have the best insights, the most engaging content, and a big media budget, but at the end of the day, you can’t sell what’s not on the shelf.” With help from Crisp, Omnicom’s new tool better aligns product inventory and media investment, “assuring that marketing dollars are sending consumers to what IS on the shelf.”

Omnicom says the new tool will also be deployed beyond managing for low inventory, for tasks like  geotargeting ad delivery according to actual on-shelf inventory and measuring sales lift in real time. It can also be used for local store campaigns, supporting new-product launches and aligning promotion to product freshness windows to reduce spoilage and waste.

The Supply Chain IQ Score is the latest in what the agency holding group says is a suite of “first-to-market Commerce products” from Omnicom, including the first private marketplace for point-of-purchased digital screens and a global partnership with Firework to deliver  shoppable livestreaming video directly to brand websites.

Earlier this year Omnicom named Frank Kochenash as its first U.S. CEO, ecommerce. He is tasked with orchestrating expertise from across the network to help drive growth in the ecommerce space for clients.

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