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While technology has undoubtedly enhanced our lives for the better, the growing concern over AI and ML regulation and the impact it will eventually have on our lives, is gaining momentum. This is down, in part, to a fear of the unknown. If the Third Industrial Revolution was all about automation, then the next stage, which is where currently reside, will continue this pattern of disruption.

In essence, we must prepare our planning, thinking and strategizing in ways we can’t yet fully envision to prepare for this next technological disruption. Upskilling our workforce and challenging traditional job roles will become essential in order to propel our organizations and employees further. The future is one of partnership, not one of derision.

For his 2017 Power Essay in Campaign magazine, Luca Allam, MD of PHD UAE explores how mankind and machines will, in future, become inextricably linked and how we can take steps for prepare for this merger. Read the full article here.

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