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This article first appeared on PHD Media.

Data and strategy experts discuss how to manage data overload and bias in today’s challenging climate. They also explore how people, marketers and business leaders can communicate and make better, safer and more effective choices.

The second episode of PHD MENA’s podcast series addresses the essential questions marketers and business leaders need answered as they navigate through this challenging period. ‘The New Abnormal’, released this week, features Data Dave, aka David Barnes, PHD’s Director of Data and Measurement, and Daniel Shepherd, PHD’s Head of Strategy.

Amid the global Covid-19 crisis, anxiety has never been higher and yet neither has access to and the prevalence of data. Every day, we are bombarded by charts and graphs in the news and across social media. Whilst designed to inform, they can create greater levels of concern at best and spread potentially dangerous disinformation at worst. The BBC reports that 46% of UK adults have been exposed to false or misleading information about the Coronavirus. In this second episode, David and Daniel bang heads on how to manage data overload and bias through data visualization. They discuss what data signals to listen to, how to read them objectively and how to apply the insights they reveal to help us bring clarity into uncertainty.

Another topic is how brands can use data to understand how to best operate and communicate during a challenging period. They dissect a range of business cases dating back to the last financial crisis and their outcomes. Daniel states there has never been a better time to ‘clean out your cupboards’ be it at home or in the office, organizing your data infrastructure, fine-tuning your eCommerce strategy or really solidifying your brand purpose with consumer sentiment at the center.

Find out more by listening to the episode here 

The second episode of PHD MENA’s podcast is also available on SpotifyAnghamiAudioboomDeezer and Apple Podcasts.

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