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At Omnicom Media Group MENA, we’re dedicated to preserving the environment. This is why UNSDG goals 13 (Climate Action) and 15 (Life on Land) are so important to us. We also support disadvantaged children through education and travel to India and the Philippines, two countries from which many of our colleagues come, to work with local charities.

In 2019, we wanted our annual trip to integrate our commitments to providing quality education (UNSDG goal 4) and preserving the environment. As well as giving back to the at-risk youth, we worked with our projects in India and the Philippines to ensure they have access to education and a greater awareness of sustainable practices.

With these objectives in mind, we’ve partnered with the following four organizations during our trips to India and the Philippines in March.

Bucket List


Bucket List is a non-profit organization that seeks to better the lives of street children in Delhi through education and the arts. They offer the youth multiple avenues of support for emotional, mental and physical development. This helps them form a sense of stability and community for the disadvantaged children of India.

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An NGO based in Delhi, India that is committed to educating people on sustainable development and social change. We partnered with them to help children improve their awareness of sustainable practices through initiatives such as up cycling and tree planting.

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Widus Foundation


Based in Pampanga, Philippines, Widus is an NGO that serves the community through various causes such as environmental awareness and education. During our time in the Philippines, we collaborated with them to plant trees along with distributing school supplies and backpacks to local children in Tarlac.

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Rehoboth Children’s Home


Focused on supporting the disadvantaged youth of Tarlac, the NGO has its Rehoboth Educational Assistance Programme (REAP). Through sponsorship and donations, REAP enables underprivileged kids to gain access to an education. They also monitor their progress and attendance from elementary to college. We visited the children there to help with various projects such as creating new signage, utility bags and upcycled crafts.

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