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Rather than less valuable, the over-abundance of data makes it less manageable by human minds. It was always meant for machines.

Technology (AI, ML, AR, VR etc.) is reshaping our world and disrupting the industry with every new innovation and iteration. It is becoming increasingly interconnected, fused even, with our daily lives, shooting off vast amounts of data at every turn.

This growing stack of data is a marketer’s dream in theory, but do we know how much of its full value is being realized? Its estimated to be less than 10%, but imagine what we could achieve if we could utilize the right technology to help us glean deeper insights and learnings.

As this data pile gets bigger, the traditional methods of analysis will no longer be effective. In this vein, it has become increasingly clear that data was never meant for humans; it’s been meant for machine learning (ML) instead.

Read our senior director of digital planning for PHD, Charli Ursell’s full essay for Campaign ME, as she explores AI’s potential for the industry, brands and most importantly, the consumers.

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