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By OMD UAE’s Karan Kukreja

Blending human emotion with technological advancement is the best way for creativity to thrive, as marketers look for new ways to make a purposeful impact.

At this year’s Cannes Lions, the debate still raged on about how we can balance the input of both man and machine, creativity and technology.

While it’s true we have made some progress in establishing that one cannot exist without the other in today’s modern world, but prejudices are still apparent. Data stifling creativity is a common misconception; we need to retrain our minds to appreciate how technology enhances creativity and visa versa.

We live in a business-centric age, where all our actions should, and are, driven by results. Yet, we can’t neglect the role that brand purpose plays as well. With this in mind, perhaps we should start seeing ourselves more as ‘creative machines’, combining the best elements of each to produce relevant and impactful campaigns that actually mean something…

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