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By Karim ElGohary, Ecommerce Executive, OMG Transact

Prime Day is Amazon’s second-largest promotional day of the year after Black Friday, providing an array of deals to their 200 million Amazon Prime members globally.  In 2020, Amazon Prime Day sales reached an estimated $10 billion worldwide, growing +45% year on year.

Prime Day represents one of the most competitive and active marketing days within the Amazon calendar in their developed markets, due to the large number of members looking to secure deals in 100+ categories of products. To take advantage of this growing commercial event locally, here are 5 ways to get your brand ready for Prime Day 2021 in UAE and KSA:

1. Inventory, Inventory, Inventory

It is essential to evaluate and forecast your brand’s online inventory in advance of the Prime Day event. If you run out of stock during the sale period, your rankings will be affected, media investment wasted and not to mention limiting your sales potential. Categories such as electronics, appliances, apparel, and jewellery have historically seen the highest volume growth year on year. Forecasting the run-rate of your bestselling products (aka ASINs) on Amazon and applying a buffer on top helps to avoid OOS situations.

2. Be seen, to be sold.

Optimizing product listings plays a key role in increasing your Amazon visibility and ultimately your brand’s conversion rates and sales. Optimizing on Amazon requires you to focus your attention on;

Titles and Description SEO: Write a clear and concise copy that is relevant to your product, audience and optimized towards top ranking keywords to improve your organic search ranking. Monitor your Page View Conversion Rate metrics to assess the uplift these copy amends made on your conversions and identify top ranking keywords from your Sponsored Ads search campaigns or using Google Trends.

Product Content Experience: Ensure your top-selling ASINs have A+ content pages to inspire, inform and convert shoppers. Your full product catalogue should all have primary and alt images in place adhering to the Amazon guidelines to improve your conversion rate.

3. Sweet Deals, Mega Discounts and Exclusive Bundles

Deals, Discounts and Bundles play an important role throughout Prime Day, however, the key lies in creating something of value to the consumer. Submit your best offers into Amazon Prime Day lightning deals and ensure these exclusive, timebound deep discounts that are not available any other time of the year.  Create bundles built strategically from basket data analysis, by grouping commonly purchased items together or offering bulk bundle packs at a discounted price for your top-selling items. Bundles are a great way to offer value to the consumer whilst ensuring high basket value is achieved.

4. Learn from your competition!

Keep an eye on your competitor, you can tell a lot about their approach by searching for or ordering their product to assess their end to end offering. Identify their Prime Day deals strategy and if you are a 3rd Party merchant make live price adjustments to remain competitive. You can identify the top sellers in your category by checking out the Amazon bestseller lists featured on Amazon UAE and KSA.  It’s essential to observe their tactics to learn for future Prime Day and Cyber Month activities.

5. Accelerate Growth with Amazon Advertising

Each month more than 215M users access Amazon globally to discover and purchase new products, and with events like Prime Day, more users access Amazon to get the best deals possible. Amazon advertising solutions allow you to increase your visibility with audiences that with shopping intent towards your products and categories:

  • Build Awareness with Amazon DSP: The Amazon DSP enables you to expand your reach and build your audiences in the run-up to Prime Day using display and video ads featured on Amazon’s network and 3rd party websites. Prime day is an offer driven event, so build your DSP audience strategy based on those showing intent towards your category e.g. including shoppers who reviewed yours or your competitors ASINs. Think about your look back window, you can retarget users who previously bought your product over the last year, so assess this window based on the shopper frequency of your category. Finally, the goal of Prime Day is sales uplift and volume, so increase your frequency cap to ensure this offer based messaging is reinforce with your target audience on a higher frequency than your average DSP campaigns to encourage action within a shorter timeframe.
  • Win in Search with Sponsored Ads: Increase your onsite awareness with Amazon Sponsored Brands, Products and Brand Video to ensure your offers rank in search results. If you are new to sponsored ads, begin with ‘Automatic’ bidding campaigns, whereby Amazon identifies which keywords are most relevant. Then set up ‘Manual’ bidding campaigns allowing you to specifically target keywords of relevancy for your products and category from your automatic campaign insights. Remember winning in Sponsored Ads requires attention beyond just your campaign set up a budget and keyword strategy, you need to ensure retail readiness of your ASINs, in-stock availability and relevancy to the keywords as these factors are all taken into consideration by Amazon when assigning who wins the bid.
  • Unlock Repurchase Potential: Post Amazon Prime Day, think about your remarketing efforts to encourage these new to brand shoppers to purchase again from your brand. You can activate ‘Subscribe and Save’ to allow customers receive recurring and scheduled deliveries of your product at a discounted price. Alongside activating a DSP display remarketing strategy retargeting these new shoppers to increase spends and frequency across your portfolio.


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