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Jolly Greetings and Tips for 2018

By December 4, 2017October 5th, 2018Global News

By: Joris van Huët – Display Planner, Omnicom Media Group Netherlands

Looking back on 2017, there are no mistakes, no failures – only lessons. One of the biggest lessons, and challenges, for the media industry this past year, inclusive of newspapers, magazines and TV, was credibility. The role of bots in major political events in 2017, from Brexit to the Catalan referendum has yet to be established, but it is evident that a larger part of European voters receives their news update via Facebook than previously thought. The challenge for both Facebook and traditional media will be to preserve credibility and shake the stigma of publishing “fake news”. When online media channels lose credibility, the Media industry as a whole is at risk. A general distrust of digital content and all time high of AdBlocking software installs, are the consequences of this malicious phenomenon.

Another lesson from 2017 is that independent media sources are vastly outnumbered by more traditional parties who have worn out their presentation of content and tend to steer clear of provocative topics. The internet has matured their audience and thickened their skin. Consumers have been spoiled by the Worldwide Web and the riches it has to offer. We must try to bring back the wonder to content when engaging the audiences marketers so badly want to reach.

Last but not least, and this one is a bit more technical: the addressable age is now. We, in the media industry, have the luxury of choosing which tool we wish to apply to accomplish a given feat. Our role is to continuously learn from our environment, making sure to target our audiences in the most effective and efficient ways possible. It’s high time to start coming up with a way to index industry “creatives” on a metadata level. With powerful tools such as Dynamic Creatives, there’s no excuse to not propel forward into the inevitable future of true relevance.

With these gifts of wisdom and insight from Europe, we’ve also compiled a list of gifts to help with your holiday shopping.

Everyone knows a tech savvy marketing type that is notoriously difficult to buy a gift for. They are made up of that uncanny cocktail of one part, explosive emotional extrovert, whilst their other part is balanced with the more analytic rational introvert. You know, those people who manage to befriend almost anyone and have a knack of getting away with the silliest of things. It takes a lot to impress them and you need to ensure if you are talking tech, it is the cutting edge.

Stuck for ideas? No need to panic! We’ve picked some of the best gifts out there to delight even the pickiest on your list.

1) Why not make it easier for them to consume even more of their media after work without having to look at a screen! The Sonos One is a voice controlled wireless smart speaker that will complement their smart home assistants, Amazon Alexa or Google Home.  But be careful, with Sonos opening some incredible immersive flagship stores (such as their new London store) to encourage the European market to fall in love with their brand, this might end up being a gift you keep for yourself!

2) Or if exploring the great outdoors is more their style, surprise them with a DIY electric longboard kit. It’s a fun, just-sporty-enough and environmentally friendly way to get around. It might not be great off-road, but it will certainly make it easier for them to get to the office in the new year!

3) Finally, if you really want to treat them, why not get your order in for the latest device Apple has to offer: the very in demand iPhone X. The plethora of new technology available in this device, such as facial recognition, built in QR-scanner in the iOs standard camera and AR abilities will surely have marketer’s brains whirring on how to apply these new functions to their brands.

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